Natural disasters are frightening, unpredictable, and powerful. Every area has to educate their citizens on what to watch out for and how to survive if they’re confronted with a major disaster, but how much can a city, state, region, or country do to prepare and protect its people? Hawaii, being an immensely popular tourist location, has to consider both its citizens and visitors. Citizens may be prepared at home but are still vulnerable when they’re out and about. International visitors may not be familiar with tsunami safety
I began by creating a series of easy to understand icons for all materials, including things like flooding and evacuation paths. After some research, I decided everything would be managed under the name TsunamiReady and, unifying the preparedness program.
I set up flyers to be hung in busy areas—from airports to shopping malls—as well as be displayed on screens, when needed. Later, I developed the TsunamiReady app for on-the-go advice and assistance, including alerts, a map of designated safe locations, and a guide with checklists and contact information.
Icons | Top Row – Tsunami; Flood; Warning; Location Marker | Bottom Row – First Aid; Earthquake; Evacuation; Family
Mid-fidelity app wireframes
Informational flyer and digital splash
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